Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chan Luu, and Chan Luu, too

Apparently now I'm channeling world cultures. Tribal chic is taking the world by storm. Didn't you know? 

I found out on Rue La La, one of my favorite browsing (not shopping) subscription services. My inbox is flooded with these things. I don't always read them, but certain details catch my eye. Like finding out how much Rue La La is charging for Chan Luu bracelets.

Faithful readers will remember my affectionate nickname for the first wrap bracelet I made (F you, Chan Luu!). My friend Linda really, really wanted one of these bracelets, so we took a fun girly trip to Lexington a few weeks ago to buy the materials at the bead shop where I learned how to make them (Sweetbeads). 

Linda's bracelet is hott, as you can see. The best part? We're bartering. So, in exchange, I will be receiving an absolutely beautiful handmade shawl. 

Stay tuned for adventures in baby toys.

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