Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiny Birdies Made of Felt

The tipping point for this blog - the thing that really pushed me to get my act together and share little tidbits of creativity with friends and family - was this project, and the support and engagement it inspired. So it seems like the right place to start.

I worked on these little cuties over a few days, sometimes even staying up past my bedtime to finish one more. When I complained about being tired, my husband's response was:

"You're still recovering from your raucous night making tiny felt birds."

Clearly, this will not be his last appearance on this blog.

The birds, as I brought them to be one by one, started integrating themselves into our daily existence. Husband clearance is essential to any craft project that might become a permanent fixture in our home, so it was essential that he loved the birds as much as I did. He has assured me that he does.

The pattern is a slight adaptation of one created by Lisa Jordan and showcased on Sew, Mama, Sew! Feel free to post a question in the comments if you're thinking about trying the pattern yourself.


  1. Your husband sounds awesome! :) So what exactly are you doing with all the tiny birds?

  2. He is! They are strung together into a garland (pictured above) which will hang in a window. I've also seen people hang similar things along the side of a doorway (like, a doorway from a kitchen to another room).

  3. I adore your birdies. You rock, crafty lady!

  4. Do you have VHS capability? You need to try to get this from your local library or at least find one of his books.

  5. We do own a VCR. It is even part of our TV. Ha ha ha. I'll have to check it out - mobiles would be VERY fun!