Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Debut

I have a secret.

My mom was right.

Yours probably was, too.

That's a huge secret.

What was my mom right about?

My mom's dream for her little daughter, pictured here, was to be a writer and illustrator of children's books. Or just a writer. Or just an artist. Or a designer. Just something really, dramatically different than what I do now, which is make people uncomfortable by talking about difficult subjects, like sex, violence, and death. Something creative and positive, Elana, not so depressing all the time.

I realized my mom was right some time in the past year when I found myself writing a post for my professional blog (not depressing, it's about suicide prevention!) on PsychologyToday.com. I realized that I loved writing, that I was actually good at it, and that it would be really cool to do it more often than I have the opportunity.

I also realized my mom was right some time in the past couple of years when I was sitting on the floor futzing with beads, wire, and miniature pliers, creating a piece of jewelry. Also, again, thanks Mom, when I was knitting a hat for my friend's new baby. And when I was making a birthday card for a friend. And when I fell in love with a pattern for making tiny felt birds.

My mom is a big fan of mine. She is always proud of me, even when I'm making people talk about uncomfortable things. I think she'd like it if I were a little more proud of myself.

Only recently has it become really trendy to be really proud of yourself, and put it out there - there's a whole industry of shameless self-promoters, of which I'm apparently a part (as a blogger, as someone with a Facebook profile, as a tooter of my own horn for my economic survival, as there's no such thing as having a job without having to prove your value added). As I'm usually a little late on picking up on trends, I'm a late adopter with this one, but I'm here now.

So, this blog is for me, and for my mom.

As my mom would want it to, it's going to focus on the positive. It's going to be all about being creative.

Because we are completely incapable of not becoming our own mothers, I have become a crafter, a hoarder of yarn and beads, someone who carries a gallon plastic baggie filled with crafty gear with me on trips.

Because I get paid to do social change, which is a neverending process, in my down-time, I make stuff. In particular, I like to make small things that don't take much time, like earrings or baby hats, because in real life, there are so few opportunities to actually be done with something.

I'm lucky to have met a bunch of people other than my mom who are really interested in and supportive of the little things I make, who often ask me to show them what I'm doing. Since no one ever got anywhere being shy and keeping all of the interesting parts of themselves to themselves, this blog is a way to share my creativity in the way that has increasingly become the way of this world - through absolutely shameless self-promotion.


  1. I get to make the first comment! Yea! Great blog - love the self promotion - even more love the promotion of your mother, a woman whom I also love as she is the BEST!

    And you have yet to depress me, guess we've not spent enough time around eachother. Shana tova and wishes for only the best that life has to over you.

  2. Yay! You are a wonderful writer, and I share your love of craftiness, so I'm looking forward to your blog on both counts!

  3. I did know you were a crafter. I was thinking of starting a blog like this so I could brag about my sewing projects and other creative efforts. I REALLY miss my hoards. My husband doesn't get it, and I'm happy we moved, but couldn't my bead collection have come with us? Most of them I handmade or chose with love from mountains of beads. Or my fabric collection. My go to place to whip together a special gift. Many things in my fabric collection used to be clothing. Two weeks ago I actually BOUGHT a pair of pants, just to cut them up!

  4. Love it! I have 3 skirts in my fabric pile that I plan to make into pillows :) I encourage all crafters to start a blog - it's a great way to keep you motivated and generate new ideas!