Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Got Hat

Sometimes I think people who have babies are delusional. Yes, I’m aware of the gross generalization I’ve just made, and how I’ve now lost, hm, um, yes, every single friend I had. But, give me just a second. Maybe a couple seconds.

I have to imagine that having a baby by choice is an incredible experience - the anticipation of the little person who will be, the excitement of building a family, the welcoming into the world of someone that, often enough, you were a part of creating. But, I also have to imagine that, during the time one gestates said baby, meets with doctors in preparation for the delivery of the baby, and considers the miracle of life in general (and perhaps also the miracle of lycra), one has considered that this incredible little creature might not be born knowing how to sleep for 6-8 hours straight. It takes time, people, so much time that there are some of us who are still working on it!

I’m pretty much surrounded by people bearing or raising little ones, so I hear a lot of stories about the sleep they’re not getting. The one friend I have who has said that she loves being up, even in the middle of the night, with her baby has only been home with the baby for 3 days. I think she has another thing coming.

It might just be a baby hat.

I found a simple pattern for knitting a hat a few years ago, and recently, as, hm, um, yes, every single friend I have has had a baby, I quickly tired of the baby aisle in Target (sorry, Target you know I love you, but enough is enough) at about the same time that I came into a phenomenal bag of yarn that included several bright, variegated skeins perfect for knitting tiny hats. I decided, after I’d just about lost it in Target (which would totally have been a lot more embarrassing than blogging about how you think your friends are delusional!) that giving something handmade was far superior to continuing to go the store-bought route. Also, a lot more fun for me.

And, since this blog is all about me...

Some babies have already received their hats, and joyously ripped them off their heads immediately. (That was really just one baby, but she’s my favorite, so I forgive her.) I’m hoping some of the parents of the babies, while they’re up in the middle of the night, might send me a picture of the baby in the hat, nudge nudge. If your baby wants one, because baby hats are approximately 100,000 times easier to make than bags, just let me know.


  1. Hm. I see I'm not one of your friends, interesting... Oh yes, that's right... I'm one of your sisters ;) Thanks for taking the yarn, it's nice to see it being used for fun hats for babies whose parents DEFINITELY MUST send you pictures :)

  2. Wait a second, how is it that Michal didn't get a hat? Do you not like us any more? :-(

    But ok, ok, I guess I'll forgive you and your nutty schedule especially with the holidays! Shana Tova my little creator!

  3. Inna, Michal's gifts were purchased just before the Target almost-meltdown and the transition to handmade gifts. So, I'm happy to make one for her now - perhaps to match those socks that I'd like to have myself...

  4. Those are so cute. I'm looking for a pattern so I can make hats out of fleece to match the vests I made my kids (and eventually myself). One of these days I want to learn how to knit or crochet. Hopefully while I still have my eye sight. How about you move to Israel and teach me?

  5. Yosefa, I briefly searched for a fleece hat pattern and only found totally terrible ones! I'm going to keep looking, though. The vests look great - Adele is very natural in front of the camera!